Igma Carts, the newest type of personal mobility device invented by the WildMMan.

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These are just some of the Wildmman's Igmas designed with the look of Space Ships and Futuristic Buggies.

These are a great alternative to the golf cart usage at the campgrounds, race tracks, and shows. You can fit two Igma carts in less space than one golf cart, so your spouse can go in a different direction!

The Igma base utility cart will carry upto 500lbs and go 18 miles on a single charge!

There are numerous options including audio, video, dvr/camera with GPS, roof with side curtains, full suspension, horsepower, and even an "elevator" lowering platform for easier access for disabled riders.

Whether you able bodied or disabled, Igma Carts are great!
Igma carts have a small footprint so they will drive through a standard 30" door. You can ride down the sidewalk and right into your favorite store!
It's a fun way to get around while hauling your favorite stuff with you. You can even haul a trailer!

We specialize in prone position mobility carts and " wheelchairs " for people who cannot sit or do not wish to sit in a chair:

Igma carts are very easy to ride and are durable enough for everyday use. These will fit through a standard 30" doorway and turn in a very tight radius making them suitable for sidewalk and store mobility.
The Igma has a 24 volt electric motor with a range of 20 miles at 6 miles an hour based on a 180lb rider!